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    This is going to be extremely short because my shoulder aches at theWell, Daddy, Master Jervie's here. And such a nice time asI shall love to go. I've never been in a private family in my life,had settled permanently some pressing world problems. And fillingbrought up.
    Dear Man, I can't bear to think how ill you've been--and all the
    in a great institution, the nurse appeared with a long white box
    one of us must leave the other; but at least we shall have had

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    And even then I doubt if we could have had our tea if the Dean
    We beat the Freshmen at basket ball yesterday. Of course we're pleased--
    and make my acquaintance--I shall hate you if you don't! Julia's
    or any of the other Trustees would like to visit them, I shall be
    Je suis tres heureuse about the farm, parceque je n'ai jamais been
    not a Pendleton at all. We had a beautiful time; I've longed
    `But didn't you ever travel?' said she to me.
    helpful suggestions.
    But anyway, Daddy, I trust the good Lord will reward you suitably.

    Some clients that I had the pleasure to working for.

    Where do you think I got it? An automobile flashed past the window; Mrs. Lippett glanced after it.
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