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    The Encampment at Brieg.Bombardment.Diplomatic Intrigues.Luxury of the Spanish Minister.Rising Greatness of Frederick.Fredericks Interview with Lord Hyndford.Plans of France.Desperate Prospects of Maria Theresa.Anecdote of Frederick.Joint Action of England and Holland.Heroic Character of Maria Theresa.Coronation of the Queen of Hungary. The Retreat ordered.Awful Suffering.Narrow Escape of the King.The Flight from Prague.Military Mistakes of the King.Frederick returns to Berlin.His wonderful administrative Ability.Poland joins Austria.The Austrians enter Silesia.Unreasonable Demands of Frederick.Humiliation of the King.Prince Charles and his Bride.Character of Leopold.Death of the Emperor.Bavaria turns against Frederick.Anecdotes of Prince Leopold.Peril of Frederick.Battle of Hohenfriedberg.Signal Victory of Frederick.
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    On the 4th of November he returned to Breslau, entering the city with great military display. Seated in a splendid carriage, he was drawn through the streets by eight cream-colored horses. Taking his seat upon the ancient ducal throne, he was crowned, with great ceremonial pomp, Sovereign Duke of Lower Silesia. Four hundred of the notables of the dukedom, in gala dresses, and taking oaths of homage, contributed to the imposing effect of the spectacle. Illuminations, balls, and popular festivities, in great variety, closed the triumph.

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    In conclusion, he gives utterance to that gloomy creed of infidelity and atheism which he had adopted instead of the Christian faith. Thus destiny with a deluge of torments fills the poisoned remnants of my days. The present is hideous to me, the future unknown. Do you say that I am the creature of a beneficent being? I see that all men are the sport of destiny. And if there do exist some gloomy and inexorable being who allows a despised herd of creatures to go on multiplying here, he values them as nothing. He looks down on our virtues, our misdeeds, on the horrors of war, and on all the cruel plagues which ravage earth, as a thing indifferent to him. Wherefore my sole refuge and only haven, loved sister, is in the arms of death.106
    At three oclock of a dark and misty morning, the Austrians from the west, the south, and the east rushed upon the sleeping Prussians. At the same time, an attack was made upon the left wing of the Prussians, which was a feint to bewilder them, and to prevent re-enforcements from being sent to the right wing. For five hours there was a scene of tumult, confusion, and horror which can neither be described nor imagined. The morning was dark, the fog dense, and the Prussians, though ever on the alert, were taken by surprise. No one in the army of Frederick467 thought either of running or of surrendering. It was a hand-to-hand fight, with bayonets, and sabres, and butts of muskets. Marshal Keith, after receiving two bullet-wounds which he did not regard, was shot through the heart.

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    On arriving with his column, writes General Schmettau, where the officera perfectly skillful manhad marked out the camp, the king would lift his spy-glass, gaze to right and left, riding round the place at perhaps a hundred yards distance, and begin, Look here, sir, what a botching you have made of it again!

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